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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Guide to MBC, KBS & SBS Chuseok Specials!

To celebrate the Chuseok (autumn harvest) holiday with all the family members together, MBC, KBS and SBS will each be featuring special holiday programs at the end of this month. From an idol track meet to a trot singer competition, a number of comedy programs, Hallyu Olympics, and more, the program listing is full of shows to draw all age groups.

Starnews has compiled a list of programs to be broadcast by the three major broadcasting stations. Check out the guide below!

MBC’s Chuseok Specials

#”I Am a Trot Singer”

Just like the hit program, “I Am a Singer“, “I Am a Trot Singer” will be broadcast on September 12th as a Chuseok special. Jang Yoon Jung will be hosting the program as an MC on top of competing as a contestant, acting the role held by Yoon Do Hyun and Lee Sora on the original program.
Like the original show, there will be seven contestants, and there will also be 500 spectating judges to vote for the top contestant. Top trot singers Nam Jin, Tae Jin Ah, Jang Yoon Jung,Kim Soo Hee, Moon Hee Ok, Sul Woon Do, and Park Hyun Bin will be competing for the number one spot.

#”Idol Track Meet”

In celebration of Chuseok, the third annual “Idol Track Meet” will also be broadcast. Boom, who has just recently returned from the army, as well as entertainer Kim Jae Dong, professional track commentator Yoon Yuh Choon, and announcer Oh Sang Jin will be the 4 MCs hosting the event.

For this year’s track meet, 150 celebrities, including Super Junior, SHINee, SISTAR, miss A, Davichi, ZE:A, T-ara, MBLAQ, G.NA, INFINITE, and Hwanhee will be competing. 2AM‘s “Ggap-sain Bolt“ Jo Kwon, who has dominated previous short distance competitions, will not be joining this year’s track meet due to conflicting schedules away from Korea.

#”Singer and Trainee”

“Singer and Trainee”, which has attracted attention due to Kim Yeon Woo being chosen as the MC, puts trainees and rookie artists in a survival match. The show’s main goal is to give a chance for rookies and trainees to show their talents with their senior partner artists.

The show will be hosted by Kim Yeon Woo, along with comedian Park Myung Soo and Kim Goo Ra. In addition, singer BMK, composer, Cho Young Soo, the Brave Brothers, as well as Kim Yoo Gon PD from “I Am a Singer”, will be appearing as judges. The show will be broadcast on September 13th as a 90-minute long program.

#“Star Auctions”

Stars are selling their treasured items on “Star Auctions”. Kim Yong Man, Kim Sung Joo, Park Mi Sun, Jung Hyung Don, Choi Soo Jong, Park Myung Soo, Seo In Young, Yoona, and Shin Bong Sun will be appearing on the show. There will be 200 people at the auction, regardless of sex and ethnicity, and all money raised will be donated to the needy. Items up for auction include Choi Soo Jong’s top notch sports gear, Park Myung Soo’s “Infinity Challenge” accessories, Seo In Young’s fashion items, YoonA’s clothes from “Genie”, Cha Seung Won’s clothes from his dramas, and many more.

#“The Clash of Announcers”

“The Clash of Announcers: Find the Top Daughter-in-Law”, which is set to be broadcast on September 13th, will feature Yang Seung Eun, Kang Dasom, Lee Jin, Kim Chorong, and other announcers from MBC to compete to be the best daughter-in-law. Kim Yong Man and Choi Hyun Jung announcers will be hosting the show as MC’s, and Jeon Won Ju, Sangchu, Jang Young Ran, and Lee Jung Sup will be featured as judges.

KBS’s Chuseok Specials

#“Fair Lady’s Secret”

Eight beautiful women will be featured on the show to tell their stories to 100 judges, celebrity MC’s, and guests. Celebrity guest appearances will include Kim Jong Min, Kim Tae Hyun, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Kim Na Young, and more.

#”Comedy Korea vs. Japan”

“Comedy Korea vs. Japan” will be a competition between Japanese comedians and Korean comedians like the title suggests. There will be individual and team matches by 7 separate teams.

Japanese comedians, Wakita Yashito, Sakamoto Masahito, Takahashi Kunihiko, Masuya Shigeki, Kanzaki Masami, Takenaga Yoshitaka, Horichi Takashi, Inokuma Masahi, Matsuda Hiroyaki, and more will be featured, whereas Korean comedians, Kim Jun Ho, Kim Dae Hee, Park Sung Kwang, and Jung Tae Ho are set to appear.

#“The Invincible Baseball Team”

KBS’s “Invincible Saturday: Invincible Baseball Team”, which has stopped broadcasting, held a concert on September 8th. The concert will be broadcast as a Chuseok Special on September 13th. The money raised through the concert will be used to construct the dream stadium they were attempting to build while the show was still going. The concert will feature special guest performers along with the Invincible Baseball Team’s members.

SBS’s Chuseok Specials

#”Top Star Couple”

The “Top Star Couple” competition has met its third anniversary. This year around, new couples, Koo Joon Yup – Ham Eunjung, Ye Jiwon – Leeteuk, as well as fifteen other couples will be participating. Jang Yoon Jung and Lee Soo Geun will be hosting the show as MC’s.

#”Couple-Star Love Village”

SBS’s “Couple”‘s celebrity version, “Star Love Village” has been programmed as a Chuseok special. Both the male and female cast will be celebrities, and they will stay at the Love Village for 1 night and 2 days to find their match.

There will be six male celebrities and five female celebrities. Stars ready for marriage in the ages of 26~35, disregarding their field of entertainment, will appear on the show to find their other half.

#“Hallyu Olympics”

Korean celebrity look-a-likes chasing the Hallyu wave from all over the world will appear on the show. The participants will show their talents alike to the look-a-like celebrity to find who is the closest to their doppelganger.

Source: GONI



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