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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JYPE Audition in Singapore

I think almost everyone harbours thought to be a star judging from the various reality shows (The Apprentice, Project Runways) and talent programmes (like the Idol series, Singapore's very own Star Search etc). So it's no wonder that JYPE's audtion in Singapore and Hong Kong are creating such a stir. Plus the immense popularity of K Pop and Hallyu for the past few years, well, it's not suprising that everyone wants to be part of the NEXT boy/ girl band.

JYP has consistantly groomed stars- like Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, Beast etc, so I guess all aspiring stars want to join the agency. The audition will be organised by Alpha Entertainment and JYPE. I've taken time to check with Alpha Entertainment about some issues (coz I'm blur too), and hopefully, this post will help those who are keen to audition.

JYPE Audition- Asia- Registration
1) Please download your form from JYPE Asia audition site here.
2) Fill up and email your form back as instructed.
3) Email to Alph Entertainment ( with the REGISTRATION NO)& REGISTRATION NAME. Put 'Audition Registration' on your subject when you email to Alpha Entertainment.
4) For those who have trouble sending in their application, please email your problems to Please be clear in describing what your problem is so that they can help you.

JYPE Audition- Asia- Information
1) There is no fees for auditioning.
2) This audition is only open to those between 9 to 26 years old.
3) It is opened to all nationalities.
4) Audition dates are 8th, 9th & 11th December (final round) for Singapore and 17th & 18th December (final round) for Hong Kong.
5a) Audition for Singapore will be at Agora Hall, Republic Polytechnic
5b) For Hong Kong, the audition venue will be at Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition (HITEC).
6) All participants are to turn up on the 8th December. Those who did not get to perform on the 8th Dec will return on the 9th Dec for the audition. The reason being that there are currently over 2,000 participants who have registered. However, the organiser does not know if all those who registered will turn up, hence it is difficult to assign a specific date for each participant. So, just make sure you are free on the 3 days...just in case. Of course, this could change again, so just look out for more updates on their sites.
7) Judges will be from JYPE. Presumably, JYP will there personally...I'm not sure.
8) You can register on the audition day itself. But why wait till the last moment if you are keen?

JYPE Audition- Asia- Rules and preparation
1) They are auditioning for singers, actors, VJs (video jockeys), hosts and models. NO DANCERS.
2) Solo acts only. NO GROUPS. (I'm sure JYP would rather form his own group himself).
3a) Singers- prepare 3 songs of one minute, without vocals. Background instruments are allowed (Think karaoke style). Please refer to Alpha's tweet. I'm sure if you want to sing A cappella, play your own instrument, it should be ok too.
3b) Hosts, VJs, Actors- prepare 3 acts of one minute. This can be prepared or impromptu.
3c) Models- as many different types of posing and catwalk as possible I guess.
I've asked them why 3 acts/ songs. Alpha replied that this is in case you go through round 1 and go onto round 2. And I guess one extra song/ act just in case..... imagine if you sing a fast number and the judges want to hear you sing a ballad as well.....don't get caught off guard.
4) You can sing in any language.

JYPE Audition- Asia- After the audition
1) You will be notified if you are selected in January by JYPE.
2) There are no fixed number of people they are planning to select. I guess as many or as little that fulfil their needs.
3) And if you do get selected, the necessary visa, accomodation, meals will be provided. Training will of course definitely be provided by JYPE (that's the whole idea of this audition).
4) NO ALLOWANCE will be given. What does this mean? This means that if you want to buy a cd, a book, a dress, watch that movie, take a will have to fork out money yourself.
5) No sponsors allowed. That is to say, you cannot go to Mediacorp, SPH or any company to sponsor your training in JYPE.
6) Training is full, if you are currently studying now, you will have to stop your studies or quit your job if you are working.
7) Training could be one month, six months, one year, two years etc... It depends on how good you are and how fast you pick things up and how ready JYPE thinks you are.
8) I believe only upon completion of training will you be offered a contract. This is my personal deduction and not verfied.
9) JYPE will have first right of selection, followed by Alpha Entertainment. So if you don't get selected by JYPE, you may get selected by Alpha Entertainment. But I don't know what the terms are. I'm sure they will let you know after you've been selected.

Hmm... I guess that's all for the moment. Of course changes could still occur. So here are the sites to check for update:

Alpha Entertainment's FB
Alpha's twitter
Alpha's website
JYPE's audition site

There will also be a briefing on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December for those planning to audition. It will be at NUS Alumni Shaw Building's Celeste Cafe. There will be more information from Alpha soon. Please be patient and stop asking about the timing of the briefing as they are still sorting out the details and information. I'm sure they will announce it when all is ready.

And now, my own 2 cents worth of thoughts after seeing some of the questions posed on the FB.

The whole audition will be recorded by JYPE/ Alpha Entertainment. They will have the right to use it for their own promotions/ publicity. It will be infront of a panel of judges, possibly in front of other participants as well. So please, if you cannot perform in front of a crowd, then you should seriously reconsider. Someone has very kindly uploaded the JYPE audition that was held in Hong Kong in 2007. This was the one where Hye Rim was selected. She was 14 then, but she did not debut as part of Wonder Girls straightaway. You can figure out for yourself how many years were spent training. (Actually, during the SG Wonder Girls visit recently, the girls all mentioned how hard the training was).

Source: Tiffany in Kimchiland

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