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Saturday, October 30, 2010

All about U-KISS on their albums

From their deep gazes to their modern choreography, everything about U-KISS’s latest comeback seems to show off how manly the boys have become. The group first earned their ‘Strong Idol’ nickname after with their “Man Man Ha Ni” promotion and has returned even stronger than ever with their 4th mini-album, “Break Time.”

- Your group earned a lot of popularity with hook songs such as “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul.” Is your comeback song another hook song?

Kibum: “They may all be hook songs but they each have their own differences. For the first two, our choreography was easy for the public to follow while our comeback features harder moves. We focused on giving a more fantastic performance this time around.”

- The last part of your choreography leaves a lasting impression.

Dongho: “It’s the part where we drop our handkerchiefs. This is a secret, but we pick them up right away after the song ends. We don’t have a separate staff that picks them.”

- Do you have any episodes to share regarding the production of your album?

Kevin: “Dongho almost died while doing the photo shoot for our album jacket pictures. We were in an abandoned factory for the shoot and Dongho was up on the 2nd floor. All of a sudden, the floor broke and his foot fell through. He could’ve fallen from the 2nd floor if he wasn’t careful.”

- It seems all of you have worked out for this album.

Soohyun: “We didn’t diet to lose weight. We exercised consistently in order to get muscles. Eli especially lost about 10kg in one month after he started working out. It hasn’t been that long for me since I just started, but I lost about 3kg as well.”

- What does it mean to live life as an idol in this generation?

Alexander: “It’s an extreme and special honor. I’m just thankful that we receive so much love. However, as much as there are positive things about the life style, there are just as many things we must give up. It’s difficult for us to casually go out for a drink or even date since we’re idols.”

- Do you currently live in a dorm?

Kibum: “At the time our group was formed, our members were too young so we didn’t dorm together. Our agency also felt that there’d be too many cultural differences since most of our members are from overseas. We all leave for work from our own homes.”

- How do you start your mornings?

Kevin: “I use public transportation or my parents will sometimes drive me to work. Kiseop uses the subway but doesn’t like it because he thinks it’s embarrassing when people notice who he is.”

- Are you interested in any female idols?

Alexander: “It changes every week. For this week, miss A? (laughter).”

- Did you ever date after debuting?

Soohyun: “I have. I’m dating my fans (laughter). Honestly, I’ve never dated after we debuted. Whenever I see female idols, I do want to get their numbers or get closer, but I never move those thoughts into actions.”

- What is your most memorable performance?

Dongho: “Our recent concert in the Philippines was the most memorable. About 38,000 fans came to see us. All of us were so nervous at the time, but just the thought of performing in a concert made just for us made our hearts swell. We had an extremely fun time with our fans, I almost cried when they shouted for an encore at the end.”

- Do you have any plans for a concert in Korea?

Dongho: “We don’t, for now. We’re planning a Japanese concert in December. Maybe it’s because we’ve promoted more overseas, but we’re more accepted by the international audience than in Korea. I think we’ll be holding a Korean concert next year.”

- You’ve never won #1 yet. Does it disappoint you?

Kibum: “It is disappointing. There are some groups that win #1 even a month after they debut. It’s sometimes embarrassing not having won anything up to this point, but it makes us more determined to try harder than ever. We hope to win someday, please give us your love.”

Source + Photos: Daily Sports

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